Welcome to the end of outrageous Data bundles and high cost internet. Welcome to low cost, high value services for both business and consumer. Say goodbye to having to choose odd data bundles and corporate packages unsuited to your budget and needs. Say goodbye to slow high cost internet and low ROI. Welcome to Africom.

Why Africom?

  • Unlimited Web, Data, Messaging, &
    Email Included on All Plans
  • Plans Start at Just $25/month,
  • No Contract. No Compromise.
  • Unlimited Africom to Africom calls @ $10
  • Nationwide 3.5G Network


Connect to Success

  • Self Service

  • What Are People Saying?

     Cheapest voice call in zim n the wrld. I’m loving it – Via Facebook

    “I’m absolutely ecstatic there is unlimited messaging, email, data & web… No carriers offer a reasonable price like Africom.” – Christian L. (Bulawayo, BYO)

    “I think they are EXCELLENT prices for the options provided… Huge cost savings! Great job Africom” – Reginald S. (Delta, MTRE)

    “AMAZING!!! I wanted an Android phone and Africom gave it to me at a lower price with a lower monthly bill than I could have gotten anywhere else.” – Sasha F. (Borrowdale, HRE)